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New Year's Ride

New Year's Ride

The New Year´s Ride is designed for strong intermediate and above riders wanting to spend the holidays of this time of the year in a riding vacation with good weather.

    The New Year´s Ride program is exactly the same as the Bejeweled Trails Ride with three main differences.
  • This ride always begins in December 29th no matter which day of the week it is. This means that the itinerary and schedules although the same as in the Bejeweled Trails Ride, will be adjusted to begin on the day of the week in which the 29th will fall each year
  • In December 31st a regular dinner in Finca Enyhe is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. For those riders interested to celebrate the New Year, the option to book directly in any of the town restaurants that offer a special dinner celebration for this occasion is available. The booking for this celebration in a town restaurant will have to be directly by the client and upon arrival to Finca Enyhe as reservations for this celebration have great demand in town
  • In January 1st, one change will be made to the schedule programmed for Thursday in the Bejeweled Trails Ride. This day´s ride (Jan 1st.) will begin one hour later than the programmed schedule. This means that breakfast will be served punctually at 9:30 a.m

Please visit chapter Bejeweled Trails Ride so you have full information about this ride.

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